Term 2 day 1

So………………. i started a new blog again, ah yes again. cause the previous one didn’t allow me to change my link & etc etc etc so yup. 7 freaking more days to common test 1 what am i doing here oh my gawd. i dont wanna fail, dont wanna retain. i’ll study later i promise xxx so today was a new term i thought it was pretty good yeah. hmm but no, i dislike my math teacher. PL needs to have more teacher ya, i concluded today. geog hasn’t been good to me cause i don’t really understand it, or rather, dont even understand it.

trying so hard to do things in a systematic way, somehow it kinda worked on me so yay kudos to me yuppp. i would rather go for npap training than school. school is fucking boring i cant stand it anymore. but yeah, i’ll do my part as a student, a daughter i’ll suck it up and study hard. cant wait to grow up, cant wait to be legal ah. i’ll take it day by day & i’ll live life to the fullest whoop.

so i hope term 2 would be nice to be, be it common test, pop, ocip etc etc etc. i’ll do a post by every week cause i think that’s the minium ya. 😉




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